These Are The Top 3 Whiteboard Explainer Video Software Everyone Is Talking About

Good whiteboard software is the core for making fantastic whiteboard animation videos.

If you want people to fall in love with your video presentations, whiteboard animation is the way to go. This type of video will be enjoyable to your audience. Also, due to the educational or classroom approach, they are suitable for you when you are introducing a new idea, teaching customers about your products or even introducing your brands to a new market.

Probably, you are seeking to create whiteboard animated explainer videos. However, when you visit the search engines; you are getting a thousand and one results of whiteboard animation software. Each of the providers is claiming to offer the best software.

While some are genuine, others are terrible and give poor quality. Due to this, you are indecisive and confused on how to determine the best software but, you should worry no more.

Here is top three whiteboard animation software for creating high-quality explainer videos, also we recommend check Squareship Explainer Video

a. Videoscribe

Videoscribe is leading whiteboard animation software from Sparkol. It is DIY software that enables you to make whiteboard animation videos without any expertise knowledge. With this software, you can make high-quality whiteboard animation explainer videos without hiring an expert. Thus, you save on your video production costs.

Importantly, the software is suitable for making simple and technical presentations. Also, whether you want to prepare an FAQ or a product introductory video, Videoscribe will help you to accomplish this goal. Notably, this software has won the heart of reputable brands and governmental agencies.

As such, it is a trusted brand across the world. It is cost-effective as you can decide to purchase it at $480 or else subscribe to monthly charges of $12. It is also available for Windows, Mac and mobile devices using iPad and Android operating systems.

b. TTS Sketch Maker

As a startup or a small business owner, $480 may be a significant slice of your budget. Luckily, you need not have to give up your whiteboard animated video creation dream. TTS Sketch Maker is a cheap option for cost-sensitive entrepreneurs like you as you can get it with only $37 one time price.

With it, you can create perfect whiteboard animated videos and input voices as it has a speech to text option. Importantly, you can choose the accent to use in your video in 25 accents choices. Furthermore, if you want your animated explainer videos to reach a wider audience, you have the option of choosing your voice in the array of 15 languages available on the software.

c. Easy Sketch Pro 3

Sometimes, you may want to include links and social share buttons in your whiteboard animated explainer videos. One of the reasons is to make it easy for an audience seeking more information about the product to find it without any hassles.

What makes this software to stand out from other whiteboard animation software are its rich features. For instance, you do not have to start from scratch as you have an option to select a professional canvas provided by the software.

Also, you can add background music of your choice making it easier for you to customize your videos according to your target audience taste. When it comes to cost it is reasonable as you need to pay $37 for personal or $67 for business use and enjoy all stated features.

Final words

In a word, excellent whiteboard animation software is the heart of a moving and appealing whiteboard animated explainer video. Using the above three software, you can develop high performing explainer videos that will make your audience go wild. Now you have the right information to make a decision and clear your confusion.

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