Why Are Explainer Videos Amazing and Why You Should Use One

Explainer Videos Amazing

Explainer videos have become the most affordable marketing tool of all! Read the article and discover why are explainer videos amazing and why you should use one now!


Explainer videos are great for attracting new visitors to your ecommerce site or blog and telling them all about the features and key benefits of your product or service. According to a research, an average user spends about 10-20 seconds on a website and if there is no compelling reason to stay longer, it leaves the website immediately after that. You need to offer your visitor something to stay on your site and purchase your products. You need to be able to attract its attention and the best way to do so is to create an explainer video.


Why does a video work better?

Explainer videos can clearly present your product or service in less than a minute. The video allows people to get more information in less time when compared to reading. Also, you can use this opportunity to grab its attention and convince the visitor to stay longer on your site. Also, explainer videos include audio and visual communication that improve the perception.


Why are animated explainer videos amazing?

Animated explainer videosare just one method of visualizing your business idea and there are a few reasons for why you need to choose exactly this type of content for your business project:

  • Animation explainer video is a great solution for those areas of business where it is hard to present and to sell a product or service through other promotional methods or types of video.
  • Lively animated characters, together with trigger strong emotions and eye-catching cartoons create a special atmosphere that captures the attention of the audience and engages with them. It is easier for the audience to keep up with a certain storyline when something interesting is happening and positive feelings are involved. It is proven that the information presented in a video is more likely to stick in the people’s memory.
  • The animated explainer videos aren’t limited to scripts which allows you to be as creative as possible.


Why should you use an animated explainer video?

You can reach different goals by using an animated explainer video. You can increase conversions, you can expect more sales and higher rankings in search engines, customer engagement, and you will reduce the number of consultants! If you want to take your business to the next level – animated explainer video is the best way to do it!

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