What are the most popular VR Porn Categories

There’s hardly anyone in the VR porn world that hasn’t taken a glance at some big tits vr porn, milf vr porn or similar category . Maybe you looked at them out of curiosity, maybe you were just bored, but chances are, you’ve seen some VR porn categories in your life. A natural thing to ask oneself then is, what ARE the most popular categories? 


This one is a quite obvious to people that have been looking with any attentiveness to VR pornography in the ten years or so. There’s just a certain wildness and taboo about shoving your dick in an older woman. Because of this it is no surprise MILF VR porn has been a massive search these days. Besides, all of us have had that one hot MILF we liked to fantasize about as teenagers, this category perfectly taops into that pleasant memory and lets us explore it even further than we could back then.

Big Tits

Now this is probably the most downright simple and obvious entry here. Everyone and their mother loves a good pair of knockers. Can you really blame them though? Nobody can deny that there’s a solid amount of appeal in a pair of big tits, this is why big tits vr porn is one of today’s most popular categories on pretty much every website. In addition to this, it is generally one of the most popular porn categories on ANY website without ‘petite’ in the name, so if you’re looking for a generic category, you’ve got one right here.

Big Cock

Now this is an odd one, given the number of dudes with anxiety about their member, one would think they’d prefer porn containing men that don’t add to that complex. Despite this, massive dicks are one of the most searched porn terms of today, and hell, not even most of these searches are made by females, meaning that men for some reason enjoy watching a girl get fucked by a big dick. Even though most male pornstars have an 8 or 9 inch dick, this category is for those that are truly gigantic, both in length and thickness, it’s about the goliaths of the dick world.

Big Ass

Yet another category most men can attest to having an interest to, while yes, this technically usually borders with anal, they don’t need to coexist with each other in the exact same videos. Big asses and hips have been a trait men have been looking for generations, and it’s not looking like it’s going to stop being so anytime soon. The big ass porn category has especially been gaining steam lately with more attention being driven towards thick performers.